In 1992, Hillary and Joaquim Luis were visited by a stork in the middle of the night. The gangly fowl delivered a curly-haired baby boy which they proceeded to name Michael. Always the resourceful couple, the Luis’s then captured and cooked the stork for dinner. The meat was dry and stringy, like duck, but minus the soupy grease.

Twenty-three years have passed, and now Michael calls himself an artist. A hefty claim? Perhaps, but many believe it to be an adequate title. The Victoria-born fellow holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria, where he studied screenwriting, film-making, creative non-fiction, and journalism. He is also an accomplished young drummer, having performed with various groups playing everything from bossa nova, samba, and jazz, to dub reggae, funky ska, and even hardcore punk.

He once cut his pinky toes off on a dare, has eaten the world’s spiciest pepper, has graduated high school, has gone skiing with Bill Murray, and has been known to list accomplishments in groups of four, with only one of the claims ever being true.

Explore his site, read his writing which is usually good, listen to his music which is sometimes bad, and watch his films which have a probable rate of viewer enjoyment. The polls are in, and America loves them some Michael.

Know three things:
1. Writing biographies in the third person isn’t pretentious if the bio silly.
2. Most pop music is bad for your health.
3. Don’t put it in your mouth just because it looks tasty.


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