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Review: 2017 Montebello Rockfest

rockfest crowd

Photo by Linus Yang

Perhaps the most valuable tool at a music festival in 2017 is a well-charged smartphone. How else will you take that perfect snap of a red-mohawked miscreant knee deep in mud, or text your buddy to meet you at the beer tent for seemingly the 200th time? So when I popped into the Montebello Rockfest hospitality area to charge my dangerously depleted iPhone, I was greeted by one of my favourite sights of the three-day event. The converted house featured Toronto’s PUP dinking around on their devices in the kitchen, Calgary’s Belvedere hydrating in the dining room, and Victoria’s own barons of bad taste Dayglo Abortions kicking their feet up in the living room.

Seeing three generations of Canadian punk coexisting under one roof plastered a smile upon my face, and it’s a sight like this that proves microcosmic of the event’s famously attention-grabbing lineups.

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Concert Review: Deafheaven and Tribulation

This review appeared in a 2015 issue of Absolute Underground.


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Concert Review: Titus Andronicus, Spider Bags, Baked

This is a review that appeared in the Dec/Jan 2016 issue of Absolute Underground.


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Concert review: Jon and Roy Holiday Special

This review appeared in Monday Magazine’s online edition in December 2013.

Photo via Jon and Roy

Photo via Jon and Roy

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