My dad owns over one thousand records and CDs, so growing up this environment naturally inspired me to get into music. The writing was on the walls, or I guess the records in the shelves. I took up snare drum and percussion in grade six and then drum kit in grade seven. I’ve been drumming ever since, performing with a variety of projects.

My first passionate musical experiences was getting into punk rock when I was 13 or so. It wasn’t a rebellious thing; I honestly just liked how the music sounded. Like many punk-rock fans, I followed it into ska and reggae, as the Jamaican connection to the punk scene is a strong one. I also pursued punk’s heavier, faster, sweatier cousin, hardcore.To this day, punk, ska, reggae, and hardcore remain the staple of my regular listening time, though my tastes have also evolved to enjoy all sorts of other things such as ambient post-rock, mathcore, freak-folk, breakbeat, prog-metal, dub-pop, and another multitude of very real musical genres that sound completely made up.

As a drummer, I’m greatly inspired by players such as Brann Dailor, Everett Morton, Travis Barker, Blake Richardson, and Gil Sharone among others. I’ve performed at festivals such as The Vancouver Island Artistfest, Victoria Ska Festival, and Shambhala. Recently, I’ve also done work as promoter, booker, social media coordinator and publicist for the Victoria BC Ska Society.

Let’s talk about music.


Current Projects:
Blackwood Kings (2011-Present)
SweetLeaf (2013-present)

Past Projects:
Banyan Tree (2010-2012)
Rocky Mountain Rebel Music (2013)
Victoria Sound-System All-Stars (2013)

Sonor Force 2007 Blue Fade
Toms: 10″, 14″
Kick: 22″
Snares: 14″ and 10″ Jungle Snare
Pedal: DW 3000
Cymbals: 13″ Sabian HHX hi-hats, 14″ Sabian HHX China, 21″ Sabian AAX Concert Ride, 8″ Sabian AAX Splash, 16″ and 18″ Sabian Vault Crashes

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