In high school I became enthralled with television writing, inspired by sitcoms like South Park and Flight of the Conchords, sketch comedy programs like Kids in the Hall and Mad TV, and the quirky style of Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

After conceptualizing one short play, starring in another, and directing a third as a part of a senior drama class, I was awarded my school’s Shield of Performing Arts. I went on to pursue writing at the University of Victoria. I graduated with distinction from UVic in 2015 with a BFA in Writing, Journalism, and Publishing. In my first year I became interested in non-fiction writing, both journalistic and artistic. I continued to study both screenwriting and non-fiction concurrently, and deciding which I like more is one hell of a dilemma.

I’ve had pieces featured in Victoria-based publications such as Monday Magazine and Absolute Underground and have worked as an associate editor with upstart publication, Concrete Garden. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing notable bands such as Juno-nominated Cancer Bats, Juno-winning KEN mode, Reel Big Fish, The Slackers, Less Than Jake, FIDLAR, The Ocean Collective, and Mad Caddies. I was also awarded the Keith and Shirley Wagner Prize for Writing by the University of Victoria for my screenwriting work.

Being self-confessed music nerd, a great portion of my writing has a musical slant. Taking my love of music and finding ways to have it cross-contaminate into my writing is a constant goal. I want people to think of music as something that extends well beyond the recording and the performance. Music can unite, divide, polarize, inspire, and do so much more.

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